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Perfectly suited for the rigors of big baits and big fish, the Daiwa Prorex TWS Casting Reels have been designed with one purpose in mind, to catch musky, pike, and trophy-caliber bass. Built with an aluminum frame, side plates, and 43mm aluminum spool, the Daiwa Prorex TWS Casting Reels are extremely tough and durable for heavy duty fishing applications and offer high line capacity for making longs casts with oversized lures. Daiwa’s T-Wing System (TWS) reduces line friction during the cast for increased casting distance while the heavy duty clutch design eliminates accidental spool engagement during the cast to prevent snapped lines and the loss of expensive lures. 

To increase cranking power, the Daiwa Prorex TWS Casting Reels are fitted with a large single power handle that can be adjusted from 70mm to 80mm, as well as, Daiwa’s Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD) so you can crank big fish and big lures to the boat with ease. Complete with a seven-bearing system for smooth reeling and casting performance, the Daiwa Prorex TWS Casting Reels are available in a wide selection of gear ratios and are ready to handle whatever you can throw their way.