About Angling Sports | Fishing Supplies and Gear in Ontario

Our passion goes into the service we provide.

Angling Sports has been a fixture in the Southwestern Ontario fishing scene for over a decade.

Based in London and serving customers throughout the Western Ontario area. We aren’t just a premier destination for a wide range of products and brands — we’re people with a true passion for fishing.

We want to share our hobby with the world, to help experienced anglers and newcomers looking to start their fishing journey. That means we give every customer the same knowledgeable guidance, and the benefit of our unbeatable industry knowledge and experience.

Fishing is an old passion. And while there's something truly timeless about the joy of luring in that prized catch, we're also always looking to the future!

We’re excited about where fishing can go, not just in welcoming newcomers, but in taking advantage of technology. As well as understanding the timeless fundamentals, we’re also keen on utilising everything from HD electronics, 3D sonar and 3D imaging to advancements in our understanding of bait scents and textures.